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AJPanel 8.8.4 2023-05-06

- Added functionality to extrct 7z files.
- Improved "Plugins Browser"
.. Added "Plugins Browser" option to "Extensions Menu"
.. Added new options to "Remove Plugins" and "Download new Plugins" (Red & Green Buttons)
- Improved "Bouquet Editor"
.. Added a new option to "Copy to Main Bouquets List"
.. Added a new option to "Delete Unused .del Bouquets Files"
.. Will now delete all related files when a bouquet is deleted
Knowing that it is normal for any image to have the .del file remain so that the image can retrieve the deleted package at the user’s desire... This is one of the distinguishing points on Enigma that many may not know about.... However, the developer added an option to have a deleted package file, and the option remains The user can delete it or keep it
- Fixed "Posters Mode" to handle special PIcon name formats (for some IPTV servers)
- General improvements and bug fixes







AJPanel 8.8.5

- Fixed Plugins Browser to run AJPanel (if called from Extensions Menu).


v 8.8.6 2023-07-04

- Improved IPTV channels refreshing to hide the InfoBar (for some images).
- Fixed the problem of AJPanel not installing on DM900 (Image="satdreamgr").
- Fixed IPTV option "IPTV Server Browser (from Current Channel)" for Python-3.11.2.
- Fixed Bouquet Editor Multi-Select function (for Egami-10.4-R2 and Pure2-7.3).
- General improvements and bug fixes.


v 8.8.7 2023-07-17

- Improved Plugins Browser to handle the new "Download/Remove Plugins" on the latest OpenATV-7.3, 7.4
- Fixed some issues with reading xml files on some images (e.g. when reading stellites.xml).
- Fixed the tables for some images where last column is not updated.

Thx biko


v 8.8.8 2023-08-25

В «Редактор букетов» добавлена опция «Импорт букетов».
Добавлены новые параметры, помогающие владельцам каналов/репозиториев создавать файлы списков пакетов: .. Добавлена опция «Создать информацию о списке каналов». в файловый менеджер (для файлов ipk/deb). .. На страницу плагинов добавлен «Создать Package.gz (из каталога ipk/deb)».
Добавлено время последнего изменения в информацию о файле кэша EPG.
Увеличено время ожидания подключения к некоторым медленным серверам плейлистов.
Улучшены инструменты SoftCam для работы с OSCam-iCam.


v 9.0.0 2023-10-28


Скрытое содержимое доступно для зарегистрированных пользователей!


v9.1.0 2023-12-19

- Added "Custom Menu" functionality to create a custom panel from xml file "ajpanel_menu.xml".
.. The menu can be accessed from Main Page menu and from Extensions Menu (normally Blue Button).
.. The custom menu can be in a List or Grid layout and sizes and colors are fully customizable.
.. Read the brief guide in Main Page menu option "Custom Menu Help".
.. See the detailed description and sample menu layouts in the sample file "ajpanel_menu.xml".

- Added new Page to handle XML-TV files with the following main features:
.. Find EPG from XML-TV files for the current channel and import it to system.
.. Use channels.xml and XML-TV files to automatically import EPG to several channels.
.. Download and process XML-TV files (xml/gz/xz). URLs should be provided by the users.
.. Separate channels from large xml files into smaller files (with channels Multi-Select).
.. Import EPG from XML-TV files to the system.
.. Show EPG list and adjust its time before importing to system.
.. Check and validate xml files (tags validation + Statistic).

- Added options to EPG page to save EPG to XML-TV file.
.. Read Current Channel EPG : To save it to a file or adjust EPG time offset and send back to the system.
.. Save EPG (from Current Channel) : To save the EPG from the playing channel.
.. Save EPG (from Current Group) : To save the EPG from the playing channel and all its group Current Root (All / Satellites / Provider / Favourites).

- Added two options to Terminal to change the font size of the Commands/History windows.

- Improved the Terminal to handle script file paths that include "#" or spaces (to automatically chmod 755 then run the script file).

- Fixed Text-Wrapping option "Enable/ Disable Text Wrapping" for the Terminal (and other text windows).
- Improved File Manager to extract .xz files (not .tar.xz).

- Improved "Check & Filter" for portal servers to show more detailed result.

- Fixed Plugins Browser options "Remove Plugins" and "Download New Plugins" for Egami-10.4-R14.

- Fixed a crash on some images at the end EPG Translation (before showing result message).

- Fixed a crash when reading package info for some packages.


v9.2.0 2024-01-26


v9.3.0 2024-03-01

- Improved "Backup SoftCAM Files" to include more softcam related files (e.g. PowerCam/SupCam/etc.).
- Added Subtitle menu option "Set Maximum Delay (Minutes)" to increase the maximum delay.
- Improved File Manager.
.. Added options to convert bootlogo mvi files to jpg/png.
.. Added options to convetr "tar.gz" to "tar.xz" (and vice versa).
.. Added options to convetr "tar.zst" to "tar.gz" and "tar.xz" (requires "zstd" package).
.. Improved the option "Unbuild Package" to handle ".tar.zst" files in the ipk/deb (requires "zstd" package).
- Added functionality to the option "Copy EPG between Channels (from xml file)" to chain DVB to DVB Channels.

- Improved Custom Menu:

.. The menu options will now open the last directories (for pictures and xml files separately).
.. You can change the Grid-Mode font size with the attribure font_size="x" (x is in range 10-50).
.. You can add "About" to show descritpion of your custom menu (or change-log) as follows:
... 1- Create a ".txt" file with the information you need to show.
... 2- Add a custom item with the name starting with the word "About".
... Example : <item name="About AJPanel">/media/hdd/xx/my_panel.txt</item>

- Improved Binder:

.. The option "Show Chains" (Green Button) will show more informative list.
.. Will show transponder data for the selected channel.
.. You can switch between TV and Radio modes (with RCU TV Button).
- Improved AJPanel Settings to create and use a default backup directory "../ajpanel_backup/" (if not set by user).
- Improved PIcons option "Suggest PIcons for Current Channel" to use case-insensitive search (for better result).
- Improved IPTV "Find" result to show the root category name in info. (with INFO button).
- Rearranged edit-options to use the Menu Button for more options (besides the Yellow Button).
- Fixed portal zapping in bouquets to point to the right name in Channel List (for duplicate Reference Codes in bouquet).
- Fixed the error "Cannot access the path" when accessing the Terminal from a Hotkey.


v9.3.1 2024-03-04

- Improved INFO button in Context Menu ("Find") to show Bouquet-Name for IPTV channels.
- Improved the option "Suggest PIcons for Current Channel" to find partaial file names.
- Fixed the warning message that appears when opening AJPanel.
- Fixed the problems of saving the backup-directory on some images.


Version : 9.4.0/2024-06-07



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