Плагины VTI Screenshot

VTI Screenshot 0.1 beta

The VTi Screenshot plugin allows taking screenshots in JPG format.

Method 1: Screenshots can be created via the shutdown/standby menu (which is always directly accessible via the power button)
Method 2: Screenshots can be created with a long keystroke (at least 2 seconds with any key, the length is configurable)
A time-delayed recording is possible (so that a submenu started by pressing a button can be ended beforehand)
Screenshots in a resolution different from the skin can be smoothed (configurable)
Newly created screenshots are displayed for checking (with configurable display duration)
Screenshots of the TV picture can be created using MultiQuickbutton
The maximum number of saved screenshots is adjustable (with automatic deletion of the oldest screenshots)


Only the JPG format is used
Screenshots of the VFD display are not possible

VTi Screenshot Helper is a new development but has been kept compatible with the screenshot plugin ShootYourScreen by using the same directories and screenshot identifiers. The parallel use of both plugins is possible, but I would only recommend this for test purposes.

Tech Note: VTi Screenshot Helper is a wrapper for the AiO Screengrabber (/usr/bin/grab) tool included in the VTi image.

The plugin is still in beta stage. Please let me know if there are any bugs/problems.
VTi Screenshot is (as the name suggests) designed only for VTi and closed source.

THX Oberhesse


VTI Screenshot 0.4

some fixes

Thanks Oberhesse


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